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Lush Organix Sweet Almond Oil is pressed from 101% Organic and Natural Almonds. Sweet Almond oil can be used for a variety of skin conditions, from dry to oily. Sweet almond oil contains a condensed amount of natural compounds to benefit your skin and hair. Sweet almond oil is a natural moisturizer that can be used for any type of skin. It’s particularly beneficial for dry, flakey, and sensitive skin. It’s a medium to light oil that is nicely absorbed into the skin, and doesn’t leave it feeling too greasy. It also aids in healing acne and can help to decrease the appearance of scars.


Usage: Hair Conditioner: Take about a tablespoon of the oil and gently massage hair for at least 10 minutes. For best results, leave in for at least 2 hours. Rinse using a gentle shampoo (preferably Lush Organix Intense Care Hair & Scalp Wash).

Almond Oil Face Mask: Simply measure out your three ingredients and place them into the bowl. Mix them together until they’re thoroughly blended.
• 1 tsp sweet almond oil
• 1 tbsp coconut sugar
• 4 drops of essential lavender oil

Wash your face with a mild soap then dry with a clean towel. Scoop up your almond oil for face mixture in your fingers. Place the mixture on your forehead, chin, nose, and jawline. Add a few drops of hot water to help move it around. Gently rub the mixture around your face in circles. Gentle massage it around for about a minute. Rinse your face with a clean cloth and warm water. No need to add any moisturizer at this point, as your face will feel soft and supple after your almond oil for face treatment. If there is any excess left in the bowl, use it on your elbows and knees, then rinse off after a minute.

Carrier Oil: Lush Organix Sweet Almond Oil is proven carrier oil for all your essential oils. Mix the Sweet Almond Oil with your choice of essential oil for great results.


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