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Lush Organix Deep Skin Whitening Cream is handmade with 101% Organic Ingredients with no side effects. It whitens the skin to reduce the dark spots and the nutrients in the cream prevent further skin darkening.

How to Use:

Cleanse face with a gentle face wash. Apply on face and neck or areas affected. Massage softly in circular motions until the product is completely absorbed. You can leave the cream on your face overnight to get the best results in the morning. Moreover, a peaceful sleep of 7-8 hours gives rest to your skin and gets the whitening cream to do the job. For best results, use every day for at least three months.


Beeswax, Vitamin E&B3, Shea butter, Dead Sea Minerals, Lavender Oil, Lemon Oil, Jojoba Oil and Rare Herbs.

5 reviews for Skin Whitening

  1. Rida Saeed

    I bought Deep Skin Whitening Cream. Its awesome the results are great.
    Thankyou Lush Organix

  2. Sameen Ali

    I just ordered this cream extremely superb results no side effects.
    U people r really doing an awesome job keep it up and will soon order again Thank you Lush Organix

  3. Anmool Khan

    Deep skin Whitening is a perfect cream for every skin i am using from 4 days and the results are sensational…
    your every product is best please dont change the quality of your products bcz you are selling the best quality products…
    1000+++++ likes FOR YOU

  4. Khalida Malik

    I found your Deep skin Whitening Cream very effective its suits to my facial skin problems thats why wanna buy another one…

  5. Reem Zulfiqar

    So yes its time for the reviews its been almost a month using lush organix whitening cream n believe me its worth trying.
    My skin is more radiant more fresh.
    Everyone notice a huge difference n i got alot compliments from everyone highly recommended…
    Insha ALLAH will order again as soon as possible.as i get out of it
    Love & Support

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