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48 Park Avenue, East 21st Street, Apt. 304
London NY 10016

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Email: youremail@site.com
Phone: +1 408 996 1010
Fax: +1 408 996 1010

Call/WhatsApp +92 345 42 222 08

Did someone mention a spa? Piece of pie is the perfect bath bomb for those who suffer with stress, anxiety, depression & sleep problems. Dip in and unwind in a fizzing paradise of Lavender scents and superior quality ingredients to soak your stress away.

Unwrap the bath bomb, and drop it in your tub for some fizzy fun. As the bath bomb soaks in the water, it will begin to break apart. If you are eager to get started, you don’t need to wait until the bath bomb dissolves before jumping into the tub. Once you’re in, let the delightful scents and our special formulated blend of essential oils take you away!

Baking Soda, Citric Acid, Kaolin Clay, Cocoa Butter, almond Oil, Coconut Oil & Lavender Oil.


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