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Deep Pain Relief Oil is a unique, multi-functional blend of herbs and essential oils that have the ability to penetrate deep into the affected areas to heal symptoms like Muscle Pain, muscle tear, knee pain, back pain, frozen shoulders, and joint pain speedily and efficiently. It helps increase blood circulation and relieve pain and stiffness.
Deep Pain Relief Oil is developed from 101% Organic ingredients which are devoid of synthetic fragrances, petroleum derivatives or other harmful chemicals. Deep Pain Relief Oil is suitable to be applied by the people of all age groups.
Deep Pain Relief Oil rapidly addresses some of the root causes of joint discomfort and stiffness. The powerful anti-inflammatory herbs present in the Deep Pain Relief Oil could help manage stiffness and improve the mobility of the painful joints.

How to Use:
Wash your hands and clean and dry the affected area. Take a small amount of the Deep Pain Relief Oil onto the fingertips and apply it to the pain afflicted area. Massage by working in a circular motion until the oil is absorbed completely. This procedure is to be repeated 2-3 times a day for best results.

Clove Oil, Cinnamon Oil, Olive Oil, Fish Oil, Sesame Oil, Turpentine Oil and Rare Herbs.


4 reviews for Deep Pain Relief Oil

  1. Tahira Rasool

    very effective and relief pain worth buying.

  2. Mrs Sadia Abdullah

    pain oil bohat effective hai, maira joint pain phly say bohat kam ho gaya hai, Thank you lush organix.

  3. Darkhashan tariq

    Very effective and relief pain worth buying .
    don’t see the price just buy it. Apply before bed that will make you feel more rest and you will sleep very well…
    Worth buying… Thank You Lush Organix

  4. Sana Masood

    Thank you, I’ve received my order . Your deep pain relief oil is soo amazing!!
    I used it post-work out and its so relaxing . its the best thing ever

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