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Lush Organix Coconut Oil is by far one of the most effective and proven remedies for skin and hair care. Lush Organix unrefined and cold pressed organic coconut oil is extracted from edible part of the coconut. Our oil comes packed with all natural saturated fats and antioxidants that are absolutely necessary for natural skin and hair moisturization.

Usage: Hair Conditioner: Take about a tablespoon of the oil and gently massage hair for at least 10 minutes. For best results, leave in for at least 2 hours. Rinse using a gentle shampoo (preferably Lush Organix Intense Care Hair & Scalp Wash).

Skin Moisturiser: Lush Organix Coconut Oil is an excellent natural skin moisturiser. In case of dry skin, take about 2 -3 drops and gently massage face and skin. After 10 minutes, wipe excess oil with a clean soft cotton towel. With regular use, you are guaranteed to have light and well-moisturized skin.

Natural Make up Remover: Take 2-3 drops of the oil and apply on face. After about 3 minutes, gently wipe makeup off with a soft cotton ball. Rinse face with warm water using a gentle face fash.

Carrier Oil: Lush Organix Coconut oil is proven carrier oil for all your essential oils. Mix the Coconut Oil with your choice of essential oil for great results.


  1. mariya anwaar

    I Used 101% organic Coconut oil , it makes my hair so smooth and soft, You guys are doing fantastic job , Results are mind blowing , Thank You !

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